descriptionSawsim, a Monte Carlo, mechanical protein unfolding simulator.
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2012-10-27 W. Trevor Kingefbfbf: upgrade to Bugs Everywhere Directory v1.5 master
2012-07-27 W. Trevor KingAdd --help, --stack, and --output to sawsim_plot_histog...
2012-06-28 W. Trevor KingFix $(BUILD) -> $(BUILD_DIR) in k_model_utils.c rule.
2012-05-18 W. Trevor KingAdd testing command line to the README.
2012-05-18 W. Trevor KingEnsure that printed histograms always have at least...
2012-04-18 W. Trevor KingChange my email address from to
2012-02-22 W. Trevor KingUpdate URLs from einstein to tremily.
2012-01-12 W. Trevor KingAdd bin/ and Histogram...
2011-12-06 W. Trevor KingRelax precision in pysawsim.histogram.Histogram bin_edg...
2011-09-16 W. Trevor KingAdd underscore to PYSAWSIM_LOG_LEVEL_MSG reference...
2011-09-16 W. Trevor KingAdd the PYSAWSIM_LOG_LEVEL environmental variable.
2011-09-13 W. Trevor KingClose parens in gamma calculation in manual's timescale...
2011-09-13 W. Trevor KingFix omega -> \omega in manual's timescale discussion.
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingAdd download_url to
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingUse README for long_description in
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