pinentry: Add a handler for SETKEYINFO
[pyassuan.git] / bin /
2015-10-08 W. Trevor Kingpinentry: Add a handler for SETKEYINFO
2012-10-10 W. Trevor Kingbin: add explicit --version options for Python 3.3.
2012-05-27 W. Trevor KingHandle SETQUALITYBAR and SETQUALITYBAR_TT in
2012-04-21 W. Trevor KingUse bytes for 'D' response parameters in
2012-03-25 W. Trevor KingRemove override_ttyname option from PinEntry.
2012-03-25 W. Trevor KingRun
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingFix ttyname override (better logging, look at GPG_TTY...
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingFix a couple of syntax goofs.
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingAdd override_ttyname option to PinEntry.
2012-03-22 W. Trevor KingBreak out of my blog and use it to start...