2018-04-25 W. Trevor King*: Run master
2018-04-25 W. Trevor Claim conformance with Python 3.4 through 3.6
2018-04-25 W. Trevor King*: Drop nose dependency
2018-04-25 W. Trevor KingREADME: Drop enable-special-filenames link reference
2017-02-13 W. Trevor Show errors in GETPIN handling
2016-02-16 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf: convert %(project)s -> {project...
2015-10-08 W. Trevor Kingpinentry: Add a handler for CLEARPASSPHRASE
2015-10-08 W. Trevor Kingpinentry: Add a handler for SETKEYINFO
2012-10-20 W. Trevor KingREADME: update nosetests-3.2 -> nosetests-3.3.
2012-10-20 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf: update to pipe separators.
2012-10-10 W. Trevor Kingbin: add explicit --version options for Python 3.3.
2012-10-08 W. Trevor KingUpdate and README to mention Python 3.3.
2012-10-08 W. Trevor Kingclient: add AssuanClient.send_fds() and .receive_fds().
2012-10-08 W. Trevor Kingcommon: add logging and argument defaults to send_fds...
2012-10-07 W. Trevor Kingclient: add Unix-socket handling to .connect() and...
2012-10-07 W. Trevor Kingclient: fix devolpment -> development typo in AssuanCli...
2012-05-27 W. Trevor KingLog warnings if the server receivers unknown commands.
2012-05-27 W. Trevor KingHandle SETQUALITYBAR and SETQUALITYBAR_TT in
2012-05-27 W. Trevor KingAllow lowercase letters in percent-escapes.
2012-04-21 W. Trevor KingBump to version 0.2. v0.2
2012-04-21 W. Trevor KingAdd reference to gpgme-tool to the README.
2012-04-21 W. Trevor KingUse bytes for 'D' response parameters in
2012-04-21 W. Trevor KingNo b'...'.format() method (see
2012-04-21 W. Trevor KingA few more fixes for the str -> bytes conversion.
2012-04-21 W. Trevor KingNo binary 'D ' requests from the client.
2012-04-21 W. Trevor KingAdd send_fds and receive_fds functions.
2012-04-20 W. Trevor KingHold all client/server communication explicitly in...
2012-04-20 W. Trevor KingFix pgp-mime -> pyassuan in README (copy errors :p).
2012-04-20 W. Trevor KingChange my email address from to
2012-03-25 W. Trevor KingRemove override_ttyname option from PinEntry.
2012-03-25 W. Trevor KingAdd AUTHORS to .gitignore (generated by update-copyrigh...
2012-03-25 W. Trevor KingRun
2012-03-25 W. Trevor KingAdd COPYING and .update-copyright.conf.
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingAdd AssuanClient.send_data().
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingAdd return-value checking to AssuanClient response...
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingMake AssuanClient.make_request() responses optional.
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingMention gpg-connect-agent in the README.
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingFix ttyname override (better logging, look at GPG_TTY...
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingFix a couple of syntax goofs.
2012-03-24 W. Trevor KingAdd override_ttyname option to PinEntry.
2012-03-23 W. Trevor KingIn make_request, AssuanClient has no attribute 'stop'.
2012-03-22 W. Trevor KingAssuanClient.make_request() now raises an error on...
2012-03-22 W. Trevor KingLooks like gpg does the heavy lifting internally.
2012-03-22 W. Trevor KingAdd packaging (README and
2012-03-22 W. Trevor KingBreak out of my blog and use it to start...
2012-03-22 W. Trevor KingAdd dummy --display argument to so it doesn...
2012-03-22 W. Trevor KingAdd version and log-level command line options to pinen...
2012-03-22 W. Trevor KingAdd and mention it in gpg-agent post.