descriptionMIT implementation of the Kerberos network authentication protocol. This repo may be rebased, so don't base your work on it. Use git:// instead.
last changeWed, 23 May 2012 19:56:21 +0000 (15:56 -0400)
2012-05-23 W. Trevor KingConvert DEBUG_REFERRALS to TRACE_* framework master
2012-05-23 W. Trevor KingAdd tests for trace.c formatting
2012-05-23 W. Trevor KingAdd support for "{ptype}" trace format specifier
2012-05-23 W. Trevor KingDocument "{keytab}" trace format specifier
2012-05-23 Zhanna TsitkovModified the Sphinx HTML page layout
2012-05-22 Greg HudsonExport gss_mech_krb5_wrong from libgssapi_krb5
2012-05-22 Tom YuMake doc/coding-style point to wiki page
2012-05-21 Greg HudsonExport krb5_set_trace_callback/filename
2012-05-18 W. Trevor KingFix "(empty" typo in "{etypes}" handler in trace.c
2012-05-18 W. Trevor KingFix "(null" typo in "{key}" handler in trace.c
2012-05-18 Tom YuCorrect the name of krb5int_trace in comments
2012-05-17 Tom YuAdd missing $(LIBS) to some shared libraries
2012-05-17 Tom YuRemove mention of util/autoconf
2012-05-15 Tom YuMake mkrel work on non-master branches
2012-05-14 Tom YuUpdate CHANGES file generation for Git
2012-05-14 Tom YuUpdate patchlevel.h for Git repository
10 years ago krb5-1.10.1-final
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10 years ago krb5-1.10-alpha2
10 years ago krb5-1.8.5-final
10 years ago krb5-1.9.2-final
10 years ago krb5-1.8.5-beta1
10 years ago krb5-1.9.2-beta1
10 years ago krb5-1.10-alpha1
11 years ago krb5-1.7.2-final
11 years ago krb5-1.8.4-final
11 years ago krb5-1.9.1-final
11 years ago krb5-1.9.1-beta1
11 years ago krb5-1.9-final
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