2012-05-23 W. Trevor KingConvert DEBUG_REFERRALS to TRACE_* framework master
2012-05-23 W. Trevor KingAdd tests for trace.c formatting
2012-05-23 W. Trevor KingAdd support for "{ptype}" trace format specifier
2012-05-23 W. Trevor KingDocument "{keytab}" trace format specifier
2012-05-23 Zhanna TsitkovModified the Sphinx HTML page layout
2012-05-22 Greg HudsonExport gss_mech_krb5_wrong from libgssapi_krb5
2012-05-22 Tom YuMake doc/coding-style point to wiki page
2012-05-21 Greg HudsonExport krb5_set_trace_callback/filename
2012-05-18 W. Trevor KingFix "(empty" typo in "{etypes}" handler in trace.c
2012-05-18 W. Trevor KingFix "(null" typo in "{key}" handler in trace.c
2012-05-18 Tom YuCorrect the name of krb5int_trace in comments
2012-05-17 Tom YuAdd missing $(LIBS) to some shared libraries
2012-05-17 Tom YuRemove mention of util/autoconf
2012-05-15 Tom YuMake mkrel work on non-master branches
2012-05-14 Tom YuUpdate CHANGES file generation for Git
2012-05-14 Tom YuUpdate patchlevel.h for Git repository
2012-05-14 Greg HudsonAdd missing newline to sn2princ debug message
2012-05-14 Greg HudsonConvert util/mkrel to use git instead of svn
2012-05-13 Greg HudsonCheck alloc_data result in krb5int_old_encrypt
2012-05-13 Greg HudsonClean up a redundant assignment in libprofile
2012-05-13 Greg HudsonAvoid extern inline in asn1buf.h
2012-05-13 Greg HudsonDon't stomp minor code in spnego_gss_acquire_cred
2012-05-12 Greg HudsonRemove find-missing-eol-prop and fix-eol-prop
2012-05-12 Greg HudsonAdd a .gitgnore file
2012-05-12 Greg HudsonNull-terminate components of parsed principals
2012-05-11 Greg HudsonOmit start time in common AS requests
2012-05-10 Greg HudsonAvoid requiring default realm for in_tkt_service
2012-05-10 Greg HudsonAdd krb5_parse_name flag to ignore realm
2012-05-10 Greg HudsonRewrite krb5_parse_name
2012-05-10 Greg HudsonMake password change work without default realm
2012-05-09 Greg HudsonAdd no-op macro for ngettext for non-NLS builds
2012-05-09 Greg HudsonConstify get_init_creds string input params
2012-05-09 Greg HudsonAdd API to interpret changepw result strings
2012-05-09 Greg HudsonConstify krb5int_utf8_normalize input parameter
2012-05-08 Greg HudsonFirst pass at PKINIT client trace logs
2012-05-08 Greg HudsonImprove traced error messages from PKINIT client
2012-05-08 Greg HudsonImprove display of error code 0 in trace output
2012-05-08 Greg HudsonUse variadic macros to simplify k5-trace.h
2012-05-05 Zhanna TsitkovProcess param/defname node for "#define".
2012-05-05 Zhanna TsitkovFor typedef documents in Sphinx do not add short descri...
2012-05-05 Zhanna TsitkovAdd generalized definition of krb5_ui_4 and krb5_int32...
2012-05-03 Greg HudsonModernize style in vfy_increds.c
2012-05-03 Greg HudsonMake verify_init_creds work with existing ccache
2012-05-03 Zhanna TsitkovThe new version of Doxygen ( produces different...
2012-05-03 Greg HudsonTry all host keys by default in vfy_increds
2012-05-03 Greg HudsonIn sn2princ, getaddrinfo without AI_ADDRCONFIG
2012-05-02 Greg HudsonClarify profile pluggable interface documentation
2012-04-30 Greg HudsonSimplify krb5_do_preauth
2012-04-30 Greg HudsonGet rid of built-in preauth types table
2012-04-30 Greg HudsonSimplify preauth2 helper functions using realloc
2012-04-27 Tom YuUse correct name-type in TGS-REQs for 2008R2 RODCs
2012-04-27 Greg HudsonSplit up and fix get_etype_info
2012-04-27 Greg HudsonStop using SALT_TYPE_AFS_LENGTH
2012-04-27 Greg HudsonFix TRACE_PREAUTH_SALT format string
2012-04-27 Tom YuDraft initial credentials API documentation
2012-04-27 Greg HudsonRefactor client etype-info handling in preauth2.c
2012-04-27 Greg HudsonEnsure null termination of AFS salts
2012-04-26 Greg HudsonMake it easier to test SAM-2 client code
2012-04-26 Greg HudsonConvert SAM-2 preauth mechanism to a module
2012-04-26 Greg HudsonRemove orphaned Apple PKINIT support
2012-04-26 Zhanna TsitkovRearrange navigation buttons in the HTML header
2012-04-26 Greg HudsonAdd kadmin ACL enforcement tests
2012-04-26 Greg HudsonAllow clearpolicy restriction for kadmin addprinc
2012-04-26 Greg HudsonAdd helpers for running kadmin
2012-04-26 Greg HudsonFlip the default of start_kadmind in
2012-04-25 Zhanna TsitkovMinor cleanup (mostly to remove the "Contents" section...
2012-04-25 Zhanna TsitkovUse "agogo" HTML theme (with some modifications) for...
2012-04-25 Greg HudsonClear preauth use counts for each AS request
2012-04-24 Greg HudsonAdd KRB5_TRACE test case
2012-04-24 Greg HudsonAdjust organization
2012-04-24 Greg HudsonTry all history keys to decrypt password history
2012-04-19 Greg HudsonUse etypes from keytab in krb5_gic_keytab
2012-04-19 Greg HudsonUnify krb5_get_init_creds_keytab code paths
2012-04-19 Greg HudsonReturn kinit output in k5test's K5Realm.kinit
2012-04-19 Greg HudsonAdd keytab kinit test cases
2012-04-19 Zhanna TsitkovAdd Doxygen markup to API functions that were introduce...
2012-04-17 Greg HudsonEdit resources page
2012-04-17 Greg HudsonRename mitresources.rst to resources.rst
2012-04-17 Zhanna TsitkovTranslate @version Doxygen markup into rst format
2012-04-17 Zhanna TsitkovAdd Doxygen markup to API functions that were introduce...
2012-04-17 Zhanna TsitkovAdded MIT resources document
2012-04-17 Greg HudsonAllow preauth mechs to work with clock skew
2012-04-17 Greg HudsonAdd clock skew tests
2012-04-17 Greg HudsonCorrect kdc_timesync documentation
2012-04-16 Greg HudsonDocument kadm5_hook chpass randomize-key behavior
2012-04-11 Tom YuFix documention of unconfigured rsthml build
2012-04-05 Greg HudsonFix trace logging initialization
2012-04-05 Greg HudsonFix app tag choices for decoding EncASRepPart
2012-04-04 Greg HudsonFix password reuse check with cpw -keepold
2012-04-02 Zhanna TsitkovIf trace logging facility is enabled, report misconfigu...
2012-04-02 Greg HudsonMake cross-TGT key rollover work from AD to MIT
2012-03-31 Greg HudsonEdit RST docs on building RST docs
2012-03-31 Greg HudsonFix data handling in rd_req_decoded_opt
2012-03-31 Greg HudsonAvoid malloc(0) in ASN.1 bytestring decode
2012-03-28 Greg HudsonAdd doc target with configured path substitutions
2012-03-28 Greg HudsonUse reference substitutions for paths in docs
2012-03-28 Greg HudsonEdit defaults page in documentation
2012-03-28 Greg HudsonMove rstman build target to man directory
2012-03-28 Greg HudsonAutomate RST HTML generation with doxygen info
2012-03-27 Greg HudsonFix up gssapi_ext.h Doxygen markup somewhat