2011-06-08 W. Trevor KingFirst pass at upgrading to EAPI 3. master
2011-06-08 W. Trevor KingEscape double quotes in urls to avoid invalid ebuild...
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingDon't clear the category after the initial package.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingMove dependencies back into setup.py in Distutils'...
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingAdd notes on running g-pypi as a regular user to README.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingInitialize `overlay` with the name of the repo, not...
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingList our dependencies in README.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingRework config to use ConfigParser.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingAdd g-pypi script for distutils installation.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingRework portage_utils' find_packages to work with old...
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingRework setup.py to use distutils instead of setuptools.
2011-06-06 W. Trevor KingAdd testing section to README.
2011-06-06 W. Trevor KingAdd .gitignore ignoring *.pyc.
2011-06-06 W. Trevor KingDisable test_find_files in test_portage_utils.py.
2011-06-06 W. Trevor KingFix gentoolkit import pth in portage_utils.py.
2011-06-05 W. Trevor KingRemove INSTALL to avoid duplicating content that's...
2011-06-05 W. Trevor KingUpdate? Layman's make.conf changes and other cleanups...
2011-06-05 Justin Riley... Apply Justin Riley's ACCEPT_KEYWORDS patch.
2011-06-05 W. Trevor Kinggentoolkit.find_packages(x) has moved to gentoolkit...
2008-08-22 Rob CakebreadAdd --url option
2008-08-10 Rob CakebreadFixed indentation.
2008-08-08 Rob CakebreadReplace . in pkg name with a -
2008-08-08 Rob CakebreadRevert to r2
2008-08-08 Rob CakebreadReverted to r13
2008-08-08 Rob CakebreadRevert to r15
2008-08-02 Rob CakebreadReverted to rev 3 due to broken unit tests
2008-08-01 Jesus RiveroPatch to g_pypi/enamer.py
2008-08-01 Jesus RiveroFixed g-pypi to replace dots in package name.
2008-07-31 Rob CakebreadFix downloading of entire index after PyPI made changes...
2008-07-31 Rob CakebreadUse dodoc instead of doins
2008-07-31 Rob CakebreadAdded detection of docs and examples.
2008-07-26 Rob CakebreadNicer output for bad overlay msg
2008-07-26 Rob CakebreadBackport to portage 2.1
2008-07-26 Rob CakebreadAdded -l option to specify overlay by name
2008-07-26 Jesus RiveroChanged self.logger form LOGGER in get_keyword() in...
2008-07-23 Rob CakebreadUse ~x86 if absolutely no ACCEPT_KEYWORDS found.
2008-07-23 Rob CakebreadVersion bump to 2.2
2008-07-23 Rob CakebreadInitial commit. Moved from assembla.com
2008-07-23 Rob CakebreadInitial directory structure.