descriptionCreate ebuilds for Gentoo using information in PyPI.
last changeWed, 8 Jun 2011 03:43:21 +0000 (23:43 -0400)
2011-06-08 W. Trevor KingFirst pass at upgrading to EAPI 3. master
2011-06-08 W. Trevor KingEscape double quotes in urls to avoid invalid ebuild...
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingDon't clear the category after the initial package.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingMove dependencies back into in Distutils'...
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingAdd notes on running g-pypi as a regular user to README.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingInitialize `overlay` with the name of the repo, not...
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingList our dependencies in README.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingRework config to use ConfigParser.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingAdd g-pypi script for distutils installation.
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingRework portage_utils' find_packages to work with old...
2011-06-07 W. Trevor KingRework to use distutils instead of setuptools.
2011-06-06 W. Trevor KingAdd testing section to README.
2011-06-06 W. Trevor KingAdd .gitignore ignoring *.pyc.
2011-06-06 W. Trevor KingDisable test_find_files in
2011-06-06 W. Trevor KingFix gentoolkit import pth in
2011-06-05 W. Trevor KingRemove INSTALL to avoid duplicating content that's...
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