2010-12-08 W. Trevor KingFix broken setup.py by importing setup() from distutils... master
2010-12-08 W. Trevor KingRemove executable bit from *.py files.
2010-12-08 W. Trevor KingCleanup packaging, removing setuptools dependency and... 0.4
2009-06-25 W. Trevor KingBumped to version 0.3, adding translated functionality. 0.3
2009-05-20 W. Trevor KingPackaged with setuptools and published version 0.2.
2009-05-20 W. Trevor KingAdded better error handling to _kwargs() and added... 0.2
2008-12-21 W. Trevor KingAdded BE bugtracker.
2008-12-21 W. Trevor KingBegan versioning