2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingUpdate email to tremily. master
2012-02-22 W. Trevor KingOops, fix `git clone` URL in README.
2012-02-22 W. Trevor KingUse to pull the README text into setup...
2012-02-22 W. Trevor KingUpdate URLs from einstein to tremily.
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingCorrect download_url in
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingUse my standard URL generation scheme in
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingUse README for long_description in 0.1
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingAdd URL to
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdded a template directory search list (vs. the previou...
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingUpdated and fleshed out
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingFix outdated log usage in EmailPlayer._log_part + broke...
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdded rendered world part to EmailPlayer notification
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdded actual center-of-mass calculation for territories.
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdded player colors
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdd titles to regions (Firefox, and possibly others...
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingRemove the upper-left and lower right bounding box...
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdded template control over line colors (and presence).
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingDistinguish between line (boder) and route color
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdded continent colors to template system
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingConfigurable line color
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdded traditional template for Earth
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdded virtual routes to template system to allow relate...
2010-03-27 W. Trevor KingAdd preliminary graphics library with world generation
2010-03-27 W. Trevor KingAdded fortification to the basic Player AI.
2010-03-27 W. Trevor KingAdded Engine.fortify (previously fortification would...
2010-03-27 W. Trevor KingAdded Event classes to pyrisk.log
2010-03-27 W. Trevor KingRemove EmailPlayers from pyrisk.random_game
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingAdd reference to "The Red Balloon" ;)
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingAdded error handling for (?most?) invalid Player responses
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingFixed up IncomingEmailDispatcher to work in real life ;).
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingReplaced README procmail rule with one I've actually...
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingUpdate OutgoingEmailDispatcher execute calls -> self...
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingFix missing dispatchers in base.random_game EmailPlayer...
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingFix excute -> execute typo in OutgoingEmailDispatcher
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingCorrect "Re:" portion of procmail regexp in README
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingAdded .gitignore to mask *.pyc files
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingPreliminary handling of actual emails.
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingAdded and moved VERSION to pyrisk/
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingAdded README and renamed risk/ -> pyrisk/
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingAdded GPLv2 boilerplate.
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingAdded with EmailPlayer.
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingPlayer.select_territory returns territory name rather...
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingBroke Engine.end_of_turn_cards out of Engine.play_turn
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingAdded adjacency checking to Engine.attack_and_fortify.
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingFixed bug in active_player calculation + other cleanups.
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingOnly call (prev. Player.phase_report...
2010-03-25 W. Trevor KingAdded player-specific log reporting
2010-03-25 W. Trevor KingBegan versioning (v0.1), engine and basic AI.