Replace .config rather than reconstructing plugins, drivers, and UIs.
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2010-08-13 W. Trevor KingLowercase initial word in some log messages.
2010-08-09 W. Trevor KingUpdated version information to 1.0.0.alpha (Ninken).
2010-08-03 W. Trevor KingRan
2010-07-30 W. Trevor KingAdded pyfile output to
2010-06-18 W. Trevor KingMerged Rolf Schmidt's illysam branch
2010-05-17 W. Trevor KingMerged my unitary FFT wrappers (FFT_tools) as hooke...
2010-05-16 W. Trevor KingRan, updating all the copyright...
2010-05-16 W. Trevor KingUpdated copyright blurbs in all files to '# Copyright'
2010-05-10 W. Trevor KingAdded command parser to hooke.ui.commandline for argume...
2010-05-09 W. Trevor KingA number of minor documentation cleanups.
2010-05-06 W. Trevor KingAdded inclusion logic to hooke.plugin
2010-05-06 W. Trevor KingAdded Sphinx documentation framework
2010-05-04 W. Trevor KingMerged with trunk
2010-05-04 W. Trevor KingAdded modular directory structure.