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[update-copyright.git] / setup.py
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingRan update-copyright.
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingChange my email address from drexel.edu to tremily.us.
2012-03-25 W. Trevor KingMove classifiers into a list in setup.py.
2012-03-25 W. Trevor KingFix reStructuredText markup for `` */`` in the README.
2012-02-22 W. Trevor KingUpdate download_url to point to tremily.
2012-02-16 W. Trevor KingFix url in setup.py (tremily.us -> blog.tremily.us).
2012-02-16 W. Trevor KingRan update-copyright.py to update setup.py. v0.2
2012-02-16 W. Trevor KingAdd setup.py for distutils packaging.