2013-10-23 Greg WilsonFinishing the revisions to the Subversion chapter
2013-10-23 Greg WilsonA little more tidy-up
2013-10-23 Greg WilsonRemoving the colon
2013-10-23 Greg WilsonReverting files in version control
2013-10-23 Greg WilsonTidying up another section of the instructors' guide...
2013-10-23 Greg WilsonChallenges for SVN intro
2013-10-23 Greg WilsonStarting to revise instructors' guide on SVN
2013-03-19 Greg WilsonCleaning up the build process
2013-03-18 Greg WilsonBringing in material from main repo
2013-03-18 Greg WilsonInitial commit