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2013-11-01 Ethan WhiteMerge pull request #34 from pipitone/swc_exercises
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2013-11-01 Jon PipitoneAdding exercises from the Software Carpentry 4.0 website
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2013-11-01 Ben WaughDraft outline of testing section.
2013-11-01 Katy Huffremoves answers accidentally added. These were flotsam...
2013-11-01 Katy Huffremoves answers accidentally added. These were flotsam...
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2013-11-01 Katy Huffremoved exercises.
2013-11-01 Katy Huffadded small exercise.
2013-11-01 Katy Hufffixed readme where it imports assert_stuff from nose...
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2013-11-01 Katy Huffadded some boldness.
2013-11-01 Katy Huffkaty is presenting
2013-11-01 Katy Huffadded readme from library section that @jiffyclub taugh...
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2013-11-01 Matt DavisRemoving or moving old UofC directories.
2013-11-01 Anthony ScopatzFixed bug in close_line.py
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2013-11-01 Anthony ScopatzMade it through test updates.
2013-11-01 Anthony ScopatzMore tests
2013-11-01 Anthony ScopatzSome more testing updates.
2013-11-01 Anthony ScopatzSome testing updates.
2013-11-01 Anthony ScopatzAdded associated markdown files.
2013-11-01 Katy Huffcopied over a bunch of Trieste tutorial files.
2013-11-01 Richard T. GuyChanged name of Python10
2013-11-01 guyrtRemoved blank space.
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2013-11-01 guyrtUpdated Python Nose (rest)
2013-11-01 guyrtadding example.
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2013-11-01 guyrtImported Nose lecture and started cleaning.