2013-11-30 W. Trevor KingREADME.md: Mention Git flow master
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2013-11-30 W. Trevor Kingcheat-sheet.md: Fix 'Incorperate' -> 'Incorporate'... v1.x v1.1
2013-11-30 W. Trevor Kingcheat-sheet.md: Mention 'config', 'diff', 'branch'...
2013-11-30 W. Trevor Kingcheet-sheet.md: Add a Git-specific cheat sheet v1.0
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2013-11-29 W. Trevor KingCOPYING: Fill in the <year> and <copyright holders... mit-license
2013-11-29 W. Trevor KingCOPYING: Add MIT license for this project
2013-11-29 W. Trevor KingREADME.md: Document the syntax used in the README
2013-11-29 W. Trevor KingREADME.md: Begin versioning by explaining the project...