2014-10-18 W. Trevor Kingssoma-mda: Use the email subject as the commit message master
2014-07-02 Eric Wongdoc: remove HTML
2014-05-05 Eric Wongssoma: cleanup IMAP password warnings
2014-05-05 Eric Wongssoma 0.1.0 v0.1.0
2014-05-01 Eric Wongextractor: filter out non-message paths
2014-04-30 Eric Wongssoma: avoid redundant slash for expand_path
2014-04-26 Eric Wongssoma: lock against concurrent fetch/remote add
2014-04-26 Eric Wongdoc: describe public-inbox dedupe
2014-04-21 Eric WongINSTALL: add tarball link v0.0.0
2014-04-21 Eric Wongssoma: --cron implies --quiet
2014-04-21 Eric Wongdoc: various fixes and URL changes
2014-04-21 Eric Wongssoma: add --since option for time-limiting imports
2014-04-21 Eric Wongworkaround older git without "commit-tree -m"
2014-04-20 Eric Wongmda: keep Status: header when doing injection
2014-04-20 Eric Wongsome minor documentation tweaks
2014-04-20 Eric Wongdocumentation improvements, HTML page
2014-04-20 Eric Wonguse for efficient cat_blob if available
2014-04-20 Eric WongGit*.pm: allow code improvements to flow back to git
2014-04-16 Eric Wongssoma: add --cron option to sync
2014-04-16 Eric Wongssoma: use implicit $_ for simpler arg generation
2014-04-15 Eric Wongextractor: clarify naming for message delivery
2014-04-12 Eric WongREADME: share list with public-inbox
2014-04-12 Eric Wonguse flock instead of fcntl locking
2014-04-10 Eric Wongcleanup globbing
2014-04-10 Eric WongINSTALL: fix misnamed Debian package
2014-04-09 Eric WongMakefile.PL: add parallel tests
2014-04-09 Eric Wongt/all: fixup test for missing IPC::Run
2014-04-08 Eric Wongmid2path ignores leading '<' and trailing '>'
2014-04-08 Eric Wonglib/Ssoma/Git*: clarify copyright on original git code
2014-04-08 Eric WongINSTALL: update documentation
2014-04-08 Eric Wongt/all: IPC::Run is optional in tests
2014-04-08 Eric Wonguse "Message-ID" capitalization consistently
2014-04-08 Eric Wongssoma-mda: duplicate prevention
2014-03-27 Eric Wonginitial commit