2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingAllow degrees() == None in colleges() master
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingFix LOGGER -> _LOGGER typo
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingReplace è with e, since SiteCore doesn't like UTF-8...
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingOnly initize logger once
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingSiteCore doesn't allow for periods in page names
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingDon't worry if we can't save a Prof.
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingUse ID vs link text to open Home ribbon strip when...
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingUse name instead of field_regexp to compose find_field...
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingUse 'From Template' instead of 'Duplicate' to create...
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingAvoid name/filename collision in prof/import's create_p...
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingCreate professors if they are missing
2010-07-01 W. Trevor -> in prof.Professor.profile
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingThe dict key is 'See Also Title' with a capital T
2010-07-01 W. Trevor KingUse re.DOTALL to also match newlines with .
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingAlso look at iframes for children
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingUse regexps instead of string matching for fields
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingTake advantage of the startswith field matching by...
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingUse startswith instead of == to match fields
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingLook for textarea fields as well as input fields
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingUpdated
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingIgnore editor text fields for now
2010-06-30 W. Trevor Kings.w -> self.w in sitecore/
2010-06-30 W. Trevor Kings.X -> self.s.X in prof/
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingAllow null profiles in prof/
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingUse name vs old raw_name in import's section lock
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingUse group_site instead of groupsite
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingInitial attempt at prof/ data import
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingAdded pipe symbol (|) separator option.
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingAdded lab link placement note
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingTry to open prof section before creating it.
2010-06-30 W. Trevor KingUse id not link text (buttons aren't links) to copy...
2010-06-29 W. Trevor -> in prof/
2010-06-29 W. Trevor Kingyaml.load() takes an open stream, not a file name
2010-06-29 W. Trevor KingMore robust copy popup handling
2010-06-29 W. Trevor Kingself.s.find_element_by_id -> self.s.w.find... in prof...
2010-06-29 W. Trevor Kingself.logger -> self.s.logger in prof/
2010-06-29 W. Trevor Kingself.w -> self.s.w in prof/
2010-06-29 W. Trevor KingUse ProfessorAdder.__call__() in prof/
2010-06-29 W. Trevor KingAllow a few tries for 'Home' to open in prof/
2010-06-28 W. Trevor KingFirst attempt at professor copying code
2010-06-27 W. Trevor KingAdded Professor.degrees()
2010-06-27 W. Trevor Kingoptparse.OptionParser.parse_args wants argv[1:]
2010-06-27 W. Trevor Kingyaml.dump(stream, data) -> yaml.dump(data, stream)
2010-06-27 W. Trevor KingFix YAML saving in export_mysql.
2010-06-27 W. Trevor KingAllow for empty prof['degrees'] in export_mysql
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingBetter Vallieres workaround: specify utf-8 charset ;)
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingWork around garbled utf-8 for Vallieres
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingForce UTF-8 encoding in
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingAllow multi-word graduation fields
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingDon't require either . or , to separate year from degre...
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingAllow . as well as , to separate year from degree insti...
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingMore fixups to Graduation parsing
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingFixes to GRADUATION_REGEXP in export_mysql
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingFilled in Graduation parsing in export_mysql
2010-06-26 W. Trevor Kingg.graduations -> p.graduations typo fix in export_mysql...
2010-06-26 W. Trevor Kingposition1 == Null if it's not set
2010-06-26 W. Trevor Kingposition1 -> position and position2 -> position1 (to...
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingA first attempt at MySQL -> Professor() conversion
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingAdded list-handling to AttributeHolder.__unicode__
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingAdded string output methods to AttributeHolder.
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingUse dict_ in export_mysql to avoid clobbering builtin...
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingAdd leading space to where string
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingAdded logging commands to export_mysql
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingFix typo in export_mysql.SimpleDB.connect signature
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingFixup submod import in
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingOops. ./sc -> ./ in help texts.
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingAdded a .gitignore file (currently ignores *.pyc)
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingAdded, a
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingMoved prof_import/export down into sitecore/prof.
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingAdded sitecore.prof_export (unfinished) for MySQL ...
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingFix sitecore.prof_import.__doc__
2010-06-26 W. Trevor KingBreak sitecore.setup_logger() out to sitecore.get_logger().
2010-06-25 W. Trevor KingRemove some old cruft from sitecore.alt_tags
2010-06-25 W. Trevor KingAdded prof_import stub
2010-06-25 W. Trevor KingExcerpted other relevant blurbs from the faculty profil...
2010-06-25 W. Trevor KingAdded doc/faculty.txt explaining Drexel faculty profile...
2010-06-25 W. Trevor KingMoved to submodule structure and split out alt_tags
2010-06-24 W. Trevor KingDon't worry about sections that we can't lock
2010-06-24 W. Trevor KingBegan versioning