Add WORKER_POOL environmental option to facilitate pysawsim.manager benchmarking.
[sawsim.git] / pysawsim / manager /
2011-04-01 W. Trevor KingAdd WORKER_POOL environmental option to facilitate...
2011-04-01 W. Trevor KingMerge commit 'origin/master'
2011-04-01 W. Trevor KingCorrect mpi4py URL.
2010-10-27 W. Trevor KingMerge remote branch 'borg/master'
2010-10-27 W. Trevor KingAdd ability to import a default manager with get_manager().
2010-10-20 W. Trevor KingWork around missing MPD with a more elaborate pysawsim...
2010-10-20 W. Trevor KingAdd pysawsim.manager.mpi with an mpi4py-based manager.