2013-04-02 Andy GroverMerge pull request #16 from Infinidat/master master
2013-04-02 Guy RozendornIssue #15: resovled by using setuptools_cython
2013-04-02 Guy RozendornIssue #15: Cython needs to be in setup_requires
2013-04-02 Guy RozendornIssue #15 Cython is now a dependency
2013-04-01 Andy Groverupdate version to 0.9.1 v0.9.1
2013-04-01 Andy GroverMerge pull request #14 from Infinidat/master
2013-03-31 Guy RozendornIssue #13 skipping building extensions on non-Linux...
2013-02-12 Andy GroverMake kmod.modprobe() raise an error if no modules found
2012-12-18 Andy GroverAdd self as maintainer to
2012-12-18 Andy GroverCorrect building for python 2.6
2012-12-17 Andy GroverMerge pull request #8 from oz123/master
2012-12-16 Ozadd docstring to insert and remove methods
2012-12-16 Ozadd docstring to rmmod
2012-12-14 Andy Groverupdate version to 0.9
2012-12-14 Andy GroverUpdate README
2012-12-14 W. Trevor add AUTHORS to distibuted source files.
2012-12-14 W. Trevor KingRan
2012-12-14 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf: update to pipe separators.
2012-12-14 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf: add to ignored...
2012-12-14 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf: add Red Hat alias for Andy...
2012-12-14 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf: add README.rst to ignored files.
2012-12-14 W. Trevor King.mailmap: consolidate Andy Grover email addresses.
2012-12-14 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf: add copyright configuration.
2012-10-22 Andy GroverMerge pull request #3 from wking/cython
2012-10-19 W. Trevor Kingmodule: fix versions -> info typo in Module._info_get...
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingInitialize Kmod.mod_dir to None in __cinit__().
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingUse an OrderedDict for (preserving modinfo...
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingAdd attribute.
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingUse Cython's libc.errno for EEXIST.
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingAdd Module.versions attribute.
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingREADME.rst: add .rst symlink for GitHub.
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingREADME: mention Cython dependency.
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingREADME: cleanup reStructuredText syntax.
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingAdd missing copyright blurbs.
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingAdd docstrings to kmod.kmod and kmod.kmod.Kmod.
2012-10-19 W. Trevor add missing source to the sdist tarball.
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingAdd additional out Module attributes (path, refcnt...
2012-10-19 W. Trevor KingConvert to Cython.
2012-04-17 Andy Groverupdate FSF address in COPYING and COPYING.LESSER
2012-03-19 Andy Groverwhitespace v0.1
2012-03-19 Andy Groveradd proper error handling to loaded_modules()
2012-03-13 Andy GroverImprove README's description of kmod
2012-03-13 Andy GroverMake version match version in .c
2012-03-13 Andy GroverAdd README
2012-03-13 Andy GroverMore cleanup and renaming of stuff. Add docstrings.
2012-03-13 Andy GroverAdd support for listing loaded modules, modprobe, rmmod
2012-03-12 Andy Groveruse c99 init for struct init
2012-03-11 Andy Grovera skeleton that compiles
2012-03-10 Andy Groverinitial checkin