Oops, fix `git clone` URL in README.
[pyrisk.git] / setup.py
2012-02-22 W. Trevor KingUse codecs.open to pull the README text into setup...
2012-02-22 W. Trevor KingUpdate URLs from einstein to tremily.
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingCorrect download_url in setup.py.
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingUse my standard URL generation scheme in setup.py.
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingUse README for long_description in setup.py. 0.1
2011-04-19 W. Trevor KingAdd URL to setup.py.
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingAdded a template directory search list (vs. the previou...
2010-03-28 W. Trevor KingUpdated and fleshed out setup.py
2010-03-26 W. Trevor KingAdded setup.py and moved VERSION to pyrisk/__init__.py