2014-06-18 W. Trevor Kingpypid.backend: Fix 'abmient' -> 'ambient' typo in get_a... master
2014-06-18 W. Trevor Kingpypid.backend: Fix Backend.get_duwn_gains -> get_down_g...
2013-05-11 W. Trevor KingFix old 'get_temp' -> 'get_pv' and 'get_ambient_temp...
2013-04-29 W. Trevor Kingexamples/ Fix 'intergral' -> 'integral...
2012-10-20 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf: update to pipe separators.
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingBump to version 0.4. v0.4
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingFlesh out .gitignore with AUTHORS and sdist output.
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingAdd to distribute COPYING.
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingRan
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingTransition to my external update-copyright package.
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingChange my email address from to
2012-03-26 W. Trevor KingRaise a more useful error message if the Melcor control...
2012-03-21 W. Trevor KingAdd trailing slash to Gentoo overlay link in README.
2012-02-23 W. Trevor KingOops, add trailing slash to homepage URL in
2012-02-22 W. Trevor KingUpdate URLs from einstein to tremily.
2012-01-23 W. Trevor KingAlso fix decimal handling for Melcor floats based on...
2012-01-23 W. Trevor KingFix decimal handling for Melcor floats based on DECIMAL_1.
2011-12-16 W. Trevor KingFix Backend.get_ambient_mv -> get_ambient_pv typo.
2011-07-27 W. Trevor KingAlso catch RuntimeError when importing pyplot in pid_re... v0.3
2011-07-27 W. Trevor KingCleanup README reStructuredText.
2011-07-27 W. Trevor KingCopy from Hooke to remove dependency, and genera...
2011-07-27 W. Trevor KingRename from tempcontrol to pypid (now that I'm moving...
2011-07-27 W. Trevor KingRewrite with a more modular structure.
2010-03-24 W. Trevor KingRemoved ineffectual logging code, bumped to v0.2
2010-03-24 W. Trevor KingAdded a preliminary Makefile
2008-10-24 W. Trevor KingAdded manual/pid control switch, ZN tuning, better...
2008-10-24 W. Trevor KingAdded strip-charting to
2008-10-24 W. Trevor KingBegan versioning.