2013-02-07 W. Trevor KingMerge remote-tracking branch 'wberrier/master' master
2013-02-05 Wade BerrierSupport older versions of pyxdg
2013-02-05 Wade BerrierDemote log message when xdg is missing from error to...
2013-01-26 Wade BerrierRemove TODO item for cache expiration
2013-01-25 W. Trevor Follow the the XDG Base Directory Specifi...
2013-01-24 W. Trevor KingREADME: Fix 'contaning' -> 'containing' typo in Usage
2013-01-24 W. Trevor Factor configuration out into a Config...
2013-01-24 W. Trevor Also wrap stderr in a codecs writer
2013-01-24 W. Trevor Use LOG.error() instead of sys.stderr...
2013-01-24 W. Trevor Don't load the config file if were being...
2013-01-24 W. Trevor Rename sys to _sys on import
2013-01-24 W. Trevor Add an output-encoding option v0.1
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingREADME: Fix '' -> '' typos
2013-01-20 W. Trevor King.gitignore: Ignore distutils' build output
2013-01-20 W. Trevor Distribute COPYING
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingCOPYING: Add text of GPLv3
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingREADME.rst: Add symlink for GitHub rendering
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingREADME: Every stand-alone project desrves one
2013-01-20 W. Trevor King.gitignore: Ignore *.pyc (generated when you run
2013-01-20 W. Trevor Package Mutt-LDAP using distutils
2013-01-20 W. Trevor Rename with underscore for package import
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingCachedLDAPConnection: Lazy LDAP connections
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingAdd logging to stdout (via StreamHandler)
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingCachedLDAPConnection: Convert cache format from Pickle...
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingCachedLDAPConnection: Drop the old cache on version...
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingAdd a __version__ (for easier compatibility tracking)
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingCachedLDAPConnection: Add support for cache.longevity...
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingPrefix imported modules with underscores
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingAlphebetize standard library imports
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingUse hyphenated configuration options (instead of unders...
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingCachedLDAPConnection: Don't cache fields we don't use
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingRestructure around an LDAPConnection class
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingDecode search results to Unicode and print as Unicode
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingBump my copyright to 2013 and add Niels de Vos
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingAdapt to Unicode sys.argv
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingConvert sys.argv to Unicode (using a configurable encoding)
2013-01-20 W. Trevor Kingsearch: Move asynchronous result handling inside search()
2013-01-20 W. Trevor Kingsearch: `post` and `query` should be Unicode strings
2013-01-20 W. Trevor KingMerge remote-tracking branch 'wberrier/master' into...
2013-01-20 Niels de Vosprevent an error when no search string is given
2013-01-20 Wade BerrierReturn partial results if the search takes a long time
2013-01-20 Wade Berrierimplement caching system for big/slow ldap servers
2013-01-20 Wade Berriermake search fields configurable
2013-01-20 Wade BerrierAdd support for an optional display column
2013-01-20 Wade BerrierFix for python 2.6: add position indexes to format...
2013-01-19 Wade BerrierAdd query filter section (in order to pare down results)
2013-01-19 Wade BerrierReturn results in a format that mutt expects
2013-01-19 Wade Berrierfix typo in reference to .rc file
2013-01-19 Wade BerrierAdd Wade Berrier (me) to author/copyright list
2012-12-17 W. Trevor Kingposts:ldap: update Python scripts to explicitly use...
2012-12-17 W. Trevor KingAlso search on displayName in and ldap...
2012-12-17 W. Trevor KingAdd starttls support to and
2012-12-17 W. Trevor KingAdd auth.gssapi option to (for use with...
2012-12-17 W. Trevor KingAdd GnuTLS and secure LDAP information.
2012-12-17 W. Trevor KingAdd