- add --exclude
[ikiwiki.git] / templates /
2006-03-13 joeynbsp hack to separate out the buttons a bit.
2006-03-13 joey- Add Discussion links to the button bar, these will...
2006-03-12 joeytemplatize commit types, so it could use icons, or...
2006-03-12 joey- finish user registration and password request email
2006-03-12 joeyfix
2006-03-12 joey- use templates for signin form, error messages
2006-03-12 joeyimprove message
2006-03-12 joeyadd rev as comment to shut up html::template
2006-03-12 joeydoh
2006-03-12 joeytemplate for recentchanges
2006-03-12 joeyuse template for page rendering