prototyping improvements
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2006-03-23 joeyanother sub, wow
2006-03-23 joeylock wiki here too
2006-03-23 joeymissing include
2006-03-23 joeyproper main sub and loadindex optimisation for cgis
2006-03-23 joeybenchmarking suggests that meoization doesn't help...
2006-03-23 joeyGetopt::Long is a huge, heavy perl module. So why use it?
2006-03-23 joeyMajor code reoganisation, splitting up the single big...
2006-03-23 joeyfix config restoration after wrapper gen
2006-03-23 joeyfix oops in %config handling
2006-03-23 joeyAt Branden's request, clean up the hardcoded ".ikiwiki...
2006-03-15 joeyfixes
2006-03-15 joeyconfig files now based on perl modules