Use input name in 'new playlist' and 'load playlist' if == None.
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2010-08-15 W. Trevor KingUse input name in 'new playlist' and 'load playlist...
2010-08-15 W. Trevor KingCleanups to playlist name handling in 'load playlist'.
2010-08-12 W. Trevor KingRemove superfluous ..plugin from imports in hooke.plugin.*
2010-08-07 W. Trevor KingAdd 'new playlist' command and clean up 'Creating a...
2010-08-03 W. Trevor KingBroke type conversion out into hooke.util.convert and...
2010-08-03 W. Trevor KingUse .index() instead of ._index for NoteIndexList access
2010-08-03 W. Trevor KingRan
2010-07-30 W. Trevor KingAdded 'get playlist' and hooke.plugin.playlists