Move NoteFilterCommand from plugin.playlist to plugin.note.
[hooke.git] / hooke / plugin /
2010-08-15 W. Trevor KingMove NoteFilterCommand from plugin.playlist to plugin...
2010-08-12 W. Trevor KingRemove superfluous ..plugin from imports in hooke.plugin.*
2010-08-07 W. Trevor KingUpdate note section of tutorial.txt.
2010-08-03 W. Trevor KingRan
2010-08-02 W. Trevor KingUpdated gui.panel.note and simplified hooke.plugin...
2010-06-18 W. Trevor KingMerged Rolf Schmidt's illysam branch
2010-05-18 W. Trevor KingActually, pass plugin instance to Command.__init__.
2010-05-18 W. Trevor KingRework Plugin.commands() to include _setup_commands().
2010-05-17 W. Trevor KingMerged my unitary FFT wrappers (FFT_tools) as hooke...
2010-05-16 W. Trevor KingRan, updating all the copyright...
2010-05-16 W. Trevor KingUpdated copyright blurbs in all files to '# Copyright'
2010-05-12 W. Trevor KingMoved note handling commands to hooke.plugin.note.