Moved interesting old vclamp commands over into the curve plugin
[hooke.git] / CHANGELOG
2010-06-18 W. Trevor KingMerged Rolf Schmidt's illysam branch
2010-05-17 W. Trevor KingMerged my unitary FFT wrappers (FFT_tools) as hooke...
2010-05-04 W. Trevor KingMerged with trunk
2010-05-04 W. Trevor KingAdded modular directory structure.
2010-02-01 devicerandomAdded illysam branch
2009-12-17 W. Trevor KingAdded USAGE file based on
2008-06-18 albertogomcas( collector of command line output
2008-06-17 albertogomcas( Alternative driver for picoforce
2008-06-03 albertogomcas(no commit message)
2008-05-30 devicerandomadded changelog warning
2008-04-24 devicerandomInitial SVN upload