descriptionConveniently save and load config-options from HDF5 and YAML files.
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2013-04-28 W. Trevor Kingconfig: Fix 'settubg -> 'setting' typo master
2013-04-28 W. Trevor KingREADME: Fix 'conviniently' -> 'conveniently' typo
2013-03-19 W. Trevor KingBump to version 0.3 v0.3
2013-01-19 W. Trevor Kingstorage:hdf5: Add support for dtype(object) and 0d...
2012-10-20 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf: update to pipe separators.
2012-09-12 W. Trevor Kingstorage:hdf5: convert int/float lists to builtin Python...
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingFlesh out .gitigore with build files.
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingAdd to distribute COPYING.
2012-07-22 W. Trevor KingBump to version 0.2. v0.2
2012-05-11 W. Trevor King.update-copyright.conf should not be executable.
2012-05-11 W. Trevor KingRan
2012-05-11 W. Trevor KingAdd .update-copyright.conf.
2012-05-11 W. Trevor KingChange my email address from to
2012-03-30 W. Trevor KingMore Python 3 fixes, mostly about string/byte/unicode...
2012-03-30 W. Trevor KingIncrease Python 3 compatibility (`print()` and `except...
2012-03-16 W. Trevor KingDon't try and create a directory with a blank string.
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