2014-05-28 Brian Dolbecgkeys/ Add keyid property to GKEY master
2014-05-28 Brian Dolbecgkeys/ Add missing _add_gkey_defaults call
2014-05-26 Pavlos RatisMerge pull request #5 from gentoo/week2_remove_unused_code
2014-05-26 Pavlos Ratisremove unused GKEY code
2014-05-25 Pavlos RatisMerge pull request #4 from gentoo/week1_seed_handling
2014-05-25 Pavlos Ratisremove KEYLEN_MAP
2014-05-24 Pavlos Ratisremove unused constants
2014-05-24 Pavlos Ratisrefine seed handling
2014-05-24 Pavlos Ratisswitch seed handling from list to dictionary
2014-05-24 Pavlos Ratissubclass __new__ to make both gkeys and gkeyldap work...
2014-05-24 Pavlos Ratiscreate namedtuple with default mapping
2014-05-21 Pavlos RatisMerge pull request #3 from gentoo/readme
2014-05-21 Pavlos Ratisadd README and LICENSE files
2014-05-21 Pavlos Ratisfix missed var renaming
2014-05-21 Pavlos Ratisremove unused import
2014-05-21 Pavlos RatisMerge pull request #2 from gentoo/week1_json_switch
2014-05-20 Pavlos Ratisswitch current seed file format to JSON
2014-05-20 Pavlos RatisMerge pull request #1 from gentoo/week1_small_improvements
2014-05-20 Pavlos Ratisignore local .conf files
2014-05-20 Pavlos Ratiscreate config sample
2014-05-20 Pavlos Ratismisc improvements
2014-05-20 Pavlos Ratisremove unused build_gkeydict function from gkeyldap
2014-05-20 Pavlos Ratisfix packed string when it gets NoneType values
2014-05-19 Pavlos Ratisadd zsh support in testpath
2014-05-17 Pavlos Ratisfix missed quotes
2014-05-15 Brian Dolbecconfig: clean up unused defaults, add seedurls
2014-05-15 Brian Complete docstrings
2014-03-01 Pavlos Ratisignore .py[co] extensions
2014-03-01 Pavlos Ratisfilter output with seed files only
2014-03-01 Pavlos Ratisrename filename var since it is removed from func args
2014-03-01 Pavlos Ratisinitialize defaults for logs and seedsdir
2014-03-01 Pavlos Ratisfix typo
2014-03-01 Brian Dolbecgkeys/ Add listseedfiles() and fix -S option...
2014-03-01 Brian Dolbecgkeys/ load_seeds(), Improve error message.
2014-02-28 Brian Dolbecgkeys/ load_seed(), Upgrade a logger.debug...
2014-01-14 Brian DolbecAdd ssl-fetch checkout
2014-01-14 Brian Dolbecupdate the seed url's
2013-11-17 Brian DolbecRename bin/ldap-seeds to bin/gkey-ldap.
2013-11-17 Brian DolbecAllow spaced fingerprint entries as well as multiple...
2013-11-16 Brian DolbecInitial creation of the SeedHandler class.
2013-11-16 Brian Dolbecfix missed dictionary value assignment
2013-11-16 Brian Dolbecfix python compatibility
2013-11-16 Brian Dolbecfix attribute error for newer pythons
2013-11-16 Brian DolbecMove KEY_LEN to config.
2013-11-15 Brian DolbecAdd some addition defaults to begin coding the fetching...
2013-11-15 Brian DolbecAdd errors count to the output.
2013-11-15 Brian DolbecBegin migration to fingerprints only in ldap info
2013-11-15 Brian Dolbecpreliminary coding to make gkeyldap py3 capable
2013-11-09 Brian DolbecAdd missing messages.
2013-11-09 Brian DolbecDon't add a dev's seed if there were errors
2013-11-09 Brian DolbecAdd more checks moving them to idividual functions.
2013-07-27 Brian DolbecAdd keyserver config option
2013-07-17 Brian DolbecChange to make keys install to individual directories.
2013-07-16 Brian DolbecUpadte for the new pyGPG pkg name.
2013-07-14 Brian DolbecMove the api actions to it's own class.
2013-07-14 Brian DolbecSplit out common keypath code to it's own function
2013-07-14 Brian DolbecMore Actions improvements.
2013-07-13 Brian DolbecMove actions logic out to their own class.
2013-07-07 Brian DolbecClean out uneeded code
2013-07-06 Brian Dolbecfix some typo's
2013-07-06 Brian DolbecAdd gpgkey, gpgfingerprint check when building the...
2013-07-06 Brian DolbecInitial logfile capability
2013-07-06 Brian DolbecWork in progress changes to get add_key coded & working.
2013-07-06 Brian Dolbecfix the typo in gkeys.conf
2013-07-06 Brian DolbecRemove spaces in fingerprints to match what gpg returns
2013-07-06 Brian DolbecRefactor GKEY calss to handle all packing and unpacking...
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecMap dev's GKEY keyring field to ldap's uid.
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecAdd check for no valid keyid/longkeyid found in ldap...
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecStrip line feeds from seeds when loading
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecFix a self error
2013-06-23 Brian Dolbecset encoding in files
2013-06-23 Brian Dolbecstrip errant line feeds in ldap values
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecAdd GKEY field name to error output
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecAdd keyid/longkeyid separation and assignment
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecAdd -D, --debug level to cli
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecAdd more progress feedback for normal usage.
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecMake the logger, namespace able.
2013-06-23 Brian DolbecUnify logger message identification
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecSome pyflakes cleanup and fix logger messages
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecAdd error output for missing data, comment out a debug...
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecSort the devs on their nick
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecAdd seed count and error for missing data
2013-06-22 Brian Dolbecfilter results for 'active' devs only
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecInitial commit of an ldap search and seed file creation...
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecAdd a configured separator for the in file seed info.
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecAdd keyring parameter to GkeysGPG class
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecAdd nick field to GKEY class
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecAdd a --nick option.
2013-06-22 Brian DolbecAdd an automatice relative testpath file for runing...
2012-12-23 Brian Dolbecremove the shebang from all lib files, since they won...
2012-12-10 Brian Dolbecfix missed copy/paste edit.
2012-12-10 Brian Dolbecadd moveseed functionality.
2012-12-10 Brian Dolbeccode list, add remove seeds. Very basic output printing...
2012-12-10 Brian Dolbecdebug
2012-12-10 Brian Dolbechyphenate the config file variables, make config handli...
2012-12-10 Brian Dolbecchmod +x gkeys
2012-12-09 Brian Dolbecadd
2012-12-09 Brian DolbecAdd seed files to gkeys.conf
2012-12-09 Brian DolbecNew file, class Seeds for all seed file handli...
2012-12-09 Brian Dolbecrename to gkeys namespace, '-' in names is not allowed.