2015-05-19 Raymond CanzaneseRemove redefinition of \BibTeX. master
2015-05-08 W. Trevor Kingdrexel-thesis.dtx: Remove '^^A'
2015-05-08 W. Trevor KingBump \copyrighttextCCBYSA to CC BY-SA 4.0
2015-05-08 W. Trevor KingAdd a change note for Ray's title-page logo
2015-05-08 W. Trevor KingBump copyright and include Ray Canzanese
2015-05-08 W. Trevor KingMerge remote-tracking branch 'rcanzanese/smash-patch'
2015-05-08 Raymond CanzaneseAdd Drexel logo to title page
2015-05-08 Raymond Canzanesedrexel-logo.pdf: Update to current Drexel University...
2015-05-04 W. Trevor KingREADME.rst: Link to the long-form examples in Dissertat...
2015-05-04 W. Trevor KingREADME.rst: Wrap the first paragraph
2014-10-21 W. Trevor KingREADME.rst: Rename from README for GitHub's browser
2013-05-21 W. Trevor KingBump to version 0.15 0.15
2013-05-21 W. Trevor KingChange my email address from drexel.edu to tremily.us.
2012-10-10 W. Trevor KingAdd pagebreak and nopagebreak options.
2012-10-10 W. Trevor KingAdd nodraftwatermark option and ifdraftwatermark macro.
2012-03-13 W. Trevor KingConvert README to reStructruedText.
2012-03-13 W. Trevor KingUpdate copyright years.
2012-03-13 W. Trevor KingUse `\cs{...}` instead of `$\backslash$...`.
2012-03-13 W. Trevor KingAdd section discussing \PassOptionsToPackage.
2011-02-16 W. Trevor King`daring` is not a book option.
2010-11-16 W. Trevor KingPull USEFUL_PACKAGES from the tex system (via kpsewhich...
2010-11-16 W. Trevor KingReplace old contrib/drexel-thesis.layout with John...
2010-10-12 W. Trevor KingMerge branch 'master' of ssh://einstein/~/public_html...
2010-10-12 W. Trevor KingDocument drexel-thesis.layout.
2010-10-12 John K. ParejkoAdded LyX layout drexel-thesis.layout.
2010-09-29 W. Trevor KingFix columness -> columns typo.
2010-09-29 W. Trevor KingAdjused Evan Sultanik's makeapprovalform to be more...
2010-09-22 Evan SultanikAdded approvalform option and tikz Drexel logo. 0.14
2010-07-28 W. Trevor KingCleaned up TOC/LOF/LOT and bump to version 0.13 0.13
2010-06-17 W. Trevor KingAdded blackref option and notes on overriding hyperref...
2010-06-17 W. Trevor KingCorrect single-paragraph spacing bug in several environ... 0.12
2010-06-13 W. Trevor KingAdded contrib to Makefile and cleaned up indentation...
2010-06-13 John K. ParejkoAdded John's LyX layout.
2010-06-04 W. Trevor KingAdded daring, ifdaring, "Advisor(s):" and bumped to... 0.11
2010-05-21 W. Trevor KingTransitioned to DUT-centric namespace with aliases... 0.10
2010-05-21 W. Trevor KingAdd author/title metadata to compiled PDF
2010-05-21 W. Trevor KingBumped to verison 0.9 0.9
2010-05-21 W. Trevor KingDon't use \@ to print the at symbol, it doesn't work.
2010-05-21 W. Trevor KingRework \@advisor to use scratch \count@ instead of...
2010-05-21 W. Trevor KingUse nifty section symbol \S instead of saying "section...
2010-05-21 W. Trevor KingAdd URL for babel package
2010-05-21 W. Trevor KingFix indentation for some macrocode environments
2010-05-21 W. Trevor KingWork around potential \chapter{Bla bla\label{x}} usage.
2010-05-20 W. Trevor KingAdd "Main Matter" PDF bookmark note to the template... 0.8
2010-03-14 W. Trevor KingAdded \iffinal and bumped to v0.7 0.7
2010-03-11 W. Trevor KingUse \listed@schapter in theindex
2010-03-11 W. Trevor KingFixed \if@final handling and bumped to v0.6 0.6
2010-03-03 W. Trevor KingMerged v0.5 into trunk
2010-03-03 W. Trevor KingUse hypcap (and bump to v0.5) 0.5
2010-02-23 W. Trevor KingRepositioned hyperref inclusion and fixed \change backs...
2010-02-23 W. Trevor KingRemoved blabla.sty from drexel-thesis.ins
2010-02-23 W. Trevor KingMake CC specific to CC-by-sa v3.0 0.4
2010-02-23 W. Trevor KingMake CC specific to CC-by-sa v3.0
2010-02-09 W. Trevor KingFix 'multi-partfigures' typo in subfig section
2010-02-09 W. Trevor KingFix 'begin{macrocode}' typo before fancyhdr section
2010-02-09 W. Trevor KingAdded fancyfoot removal note
2010-02-09 W. Trevor KingFix babel name overwrites in examples.
2010-02-09 W. Trevor KingAdded indenttoc option
2010-02-09 W. Trevor KingAdded subfig option
2010-02-09 W. Trevor KingReplaced blabla package with blindtext following Evan...
2010-01-19 W. Trevor KingAdded \crefname{part} example
2010-01-15 W. Trevor KingAdd note about chapter-text/section spacing in base...
2010-01-15 W. Trevor KingAdded includeonly hint
2010-01-14 W. Trevor KingAdded subfig usage suggestions
2010-01-14 W. Trevor KingAdded possible fancy footer overlap issue.
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingUse \@tsp insead of hard coded 3 in \maketitle
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingMention bugs/hacks in the documentation
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingOfficial bump to v0.3 0.3
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingUse Evan's watermark implementation by default
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingWork around 'head--table space longer for LOT/LOF than...
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingWorked around 'page top--chapter head space longer...
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingReplace \begin{spacing} with \setstretch{} calls.
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingUse small-caps rather than slanted-uppercase for chapte...
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingUpdated CC license to version 3.0
2010-01-13 W. Trevor KingPunted the TOC/LOF/LOT layout to the tocloft package.
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingPunted the caption/figure layout to the caption and...
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingOops, _now_ I've fixed the page numbering.
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingAdded indentfirst option
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingMoved page numbers to the upper right, as Evan pointed...
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingAdded LaTeX temp files to .gitignore, + minor cleanups
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingMerged Evan Sultanik's December 2009 multiple-advisor...
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingAdded blabla.sty to Makefile clean
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingAdded example PDFs to the Makefile too
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingOops, add drexel-logo.pdf to EXAMPLE_FILES in Makefile
2010-01-12 W. Trevor KingMajor reorganization. Vast improvements.
2010-01-10 W. Trevor KingBetter handling of figure/table/caption spacing.
2010-01-10 W. Trevor KingBroke \set@lines@length out of \blanklines
2010-01-10 W. Trevor KingAdded draftwatermark handling, graphicx explanation.
2010-01-10 W. Trevor Kingannotate isn't what I'd thought it was. Remove it...
2010-01-10 W. Trevor KingFix \makecopyrightCC implementation
2010-01-10 W. Trevor King"\vfil" -> "\vspace*{\fill}" (better LaTeX idiom)
2010-01-10 W. Trevor KingAdd \m@kecopyright + swap \listof* definitions
2010-01-10 W. Trevor King\newpage -> \clearpage
2010-01-10 W. Trevor KingFix "*" -> "def*" in \defmonth/\defyear example
2010-01-09 W. Trevor KingBegan versioning 0.2