descriptionPublic dotfiles for my basic workstation.
last changeWed, 11 Jul 2018 22:41:14 +0000 (15:41 -0700)
2018-07-11 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/20nobeep: Add missing ~/ prefix to one .mozil... master
2018-07-11 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/20nobeep: Fallback to -blength if --blength...
2018-07-11 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/01detect_system: Use /etc/os-release
2018-07-11 W. Trevor KingMerge branch 'master' of git://
2018-04-30 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/01detect_system: Use os-release to detect...
2016-11-27 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/30gpg_agent: Remove unnecessary file
2015-04-24 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/10aliases: Add a 'cdcwd' alias
2015-04-15 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/00environment: Set GOPATH and GOBIN
2015-04-03 W. Trevor King.config/rss2email: Follow Git Rev News
2015-03-26 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/20nobeep: Disable accessibility.typeaheadfind...
2015-03-19 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/20nobeep: Change '-blength' -> '--blength'
2015-03-14 W. Trevor King.emacs.d/site-lisp/wtk_common.el: Disable electric...
2014-10-29 W. Trevor King.bashrc.d/00environment: Disable update-notifier checks
2014-10-24 W. Trevor King.hgrc: Enable the patchbomb extention
2014-08-09 W. Trevor Kingmail/.notmuch/hooks/post-new: Tag HashDist messages
2014-08-09 W. Trevor Kingmail/.notmuch/hooks/post-new: Tag xkcd messages
5 years ago master