descriptionFramework for keeping your dotfiles versioned and in sync.
last changeFri, 13 Feb 2015 19:08:35 +0000 (11:08 -0800)
2015-02-13 W. Trevor KingBump to version 0.4 master v0.4
2015-02-13 W. Trevor Add a 'list' command
2013-03-29 W. Trevor KingBump to version 0.3 v0.3
2013-03-29 W. Trevor Replace `which` with `command -v`
2013-01-15 W. Trevor KingREADME.rst: Add symlink so GitHub knows which language...
2013-01-15 W. Trevor KingREADME: Fix 'univerity' -> 'university' typo
2013-01-15 W. Trevor bump copyright year
2013-01-15 W. Trevor space/tab indentation cleanups
2013-01-15 W. Trevor Fix 'fetch' -> 'diff' typo in 'diff comman...
2012-12-30 W. Trevor KingREADME: Fix "so" -> "to" typo
2012-09-27 W. Trevor KingAdd DOTFILES_* environment variable overrides for exter...
2012-09-27 W. Trevor KingPass update() options through to link().
2012-09-27 W. Trevor KingFix locations for nonempty_option in disconnect() and...
2012-09-27 W. Trevor KingFix arrats -> arrays typo in a comment.
2012-09-27 W. Trevor KingDon't force loopy local symlinks if we've already linke...
2012-09-27 W. Trevor KingMake relative links optional (add `link --relative`)
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