2010-07-18 W. Trevor KingAdded working RDF refresh. master
2010-07-17 W. Trevor KingAdd dirtag.xul -> web.py data transfer.
2010-07-17 W. Trevor KingMove dirtag.xul and *.rdf generation into CherryPy.
2010-07-17 W. Trevor KingThe checkboxes were not settable in the previous implem...
2010-07-16 W. Trevor KingUse checkbox tree rather than a simple array for elemen...
2010-07-16 W. Trevor KingAdded XUL frontend for a future dirtag/web.py
2010-07-16 W. Trevor KingRaise a more helpful error message is a directory does...
2010-07-16 W. Trevor KingAdded .gitignore for *.pyc
2010-07-16 W. Trevor KingBegan versioning