descriptionSimple cookbook/recipe server.
last changeFri, 5 Aug 2011 17:15:33 +0000 (13:15 -0400)
2011-08-05 W. Trevor KingAdjust static links in base template for cookbook/style... master
2011-08-05 W. Trevor KingTranslate edit-inline template patch to Grappelli's...
2011-08-05 W. Trevor KingActually, you don't need to collectstatic (it's for...
2011-08-05 W. Trevor KingRestructure cookbook directories and use Grappelli...
2011-08-05 W. Trevor KingDjango uses Model.clean for custom Model validation.
2011-08-05 W. Trevor KingConsolidate unit handling and use proxy classes.
2011-08-05 W. Trevor KingAdd dynamic-class trickery to get ListView titles.
2011-08-04 W. Trevor KingDocument python-markdown dependency (Gentoo dev-python...
2011-08-04 W. Trevor KingRewrite to Django from scratch. Now it's much more... v0.2
2010-08-24 W. Trevor KingReunite UTF-8 hack comment with sys.setdefaultencoding... v0.1
2010-08-18 W. Trevor KingSort cookbook after adding a new recipe.
2010-08-18 W. Trevor KingHandle 'None' in YAML Directions.
2010-07-23 W. Trevor KingAdjust tag hyperlinking to handle .tags == None
2010-07-23 W. Trevor KingHyperlink recipe tag list
2010-07-23 W. Trevor KingSort recipe files when loading Cookbook
2010-07-23 W. Trevor KingCreate the static directory if it is missing
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