2011-08-05 W. Trevor KingConsolidate unit handling and use proxy classes.
2011-08-05 W. Trevor KingAdd dynamic-class trickery to get ListView titles.
2011-08-04 W. Trevor KingDocument python-markdown dependency (Gentoo dev-python...
2011-08-04 W. Trevor KingRewrite to Django from scratch. Now it's much more... v0.2
2010-08-24 W. Trevor KingReunite UTF-8 hack comment with sys.setdefaultencoding... v0.1
2010-08-18 W. Trevor KingSort cookbook after adding a new recipe.
2010-08-18 W. Trevor KingHandle 'None' in YAML Directions.
2010-07-23 W. Trevor KingAdjust tag hyperlinking to handle .tags == None
2010-07-23 W. Trevor KingHyperlink recipe tag list
2010-07-23 W. Trevor KingSort recipe files when loading Cookbook
2010-07-23 W. Trevor KingCreate the static directory if it is missing
2010-07-23 W. Trevor KingPython 2.5 doesn't allow fn(*args, imap=value)
2010-07-22 W. Trevor KingAdded digest authentication for cookbook editing
2010-07-22 W. Trevor KingAdded recipe removal link and replaced ' />' -> '/>'
2010-07-22 W. Trevor KingAdded recipe editing pages.
2010-07-22 W. Trevor KingCleanup base.html template comments
2010-07-22 W. Trevor KingUse CherryPy decoding tool to decode GET/POST arguments
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingEncode URLs into ASCII.
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingUse dropdowns (with textbox option for new tags) for...
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingRedirect for invalid tags too (just don't manipulate...
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingFix bugs typos in _clean_tag()
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingMerge branch 'master' of ssh://einstein/~/public_html...
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingMerge branch 'master' of ssh://einstein/~/public_html...
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingSanitize input tags
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingUse POST for data-changing forms, GET otherwise
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingImport with statement so recent changes work...
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingAdd ability to filter recipe lists by tag
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingAdded tag display to the recipe page with tag-editing...
2010-07-21 W. Trevor KingAdd defaults to `bin/ --help` output, where...
2010-06-21 W. Trevor KingFix missing <td> typo in recipe.html template
2010-06-21 W. Trevor KingAdded link to cookbook.git and trailing slashes to...
2010-06-21 W. Trevor KingAdd backlinks recipe->index
2010-06-21 W. Trevor KingUse relative index->recipe links
2010-06-21 W. Trevor KingAssorted fixes to work with Python 2.5 and CherryPy 2.3
2010-06-21 W. Trevor KingRan
2010-06-21 W. Trevor KingBegan versioning