2013-04-15 Ian Abbottdoc: add missing -lm option to command line for compili... master
2013-03-21 Ian Abbottdoc: Bump to version 0.10.2.
2013-03-21 Ian Bump to 0.10.2
2013-03-21 Ian Abbottinclude/comedi.h: synced with comedi
2013-03-21 Ian Abbottlib/calib_lex.l: Add #define YY_NO_INPUT to C pre-amble
2013-03-21 Ian Abbottlib/calib_yacc.y: Move comedi_parse_calibration_file()
2013-03-21 Ian Abbottlib: fix calib_yyparse() conflict
2013-01-21 Ian Replaced AM_CONFIG_HEADER() with AC_CONFI...
2013-01-21 Ian Move AS_LIBTOOL() and SCXI_SO_VERSION
2013-01-21 W. Trevor Add AM_PROG_AR for automake-1.12
2012-10-29 Ian Abbottdoc: Add Éric Piel to comedilib manual authors and...
2012-10-29 Ian AbbottAUTHORS: Add Éric Piel
2012-10-29 Éric Pieldoc: add a section about Python bindings
2012-10-15 Ian Abbottcomedi_board_info: improve display of external ranges.
2012-10-15 Ian Abbottcomedi_board_info: reset n_chans_for_generic_timed...
2012-10-15 Ian Abbottcomedi_board_info: increased length of strtmp[]
2012-08-28 Ian Abbottdoc/ fix maintainer-clean-local rule.
2012-08-28 Ian Abbottdoc: Bump to version 0.10.1.
2012-08-28 Ian Abbottdoc/install.xml: Describe comedi_num_legacy_minors.
2012-08-28 Ian Abbottetc/udev: Add z99_comedi.rules to EXTRA_DIST
2012-08-28 Ian Abbottudev: Add commented out rule to set group owner to...
2012-08-28 Ian AbbottREADME.Git: Add dblatex to optional dependencies
2012-08-22 Ian Minor correction to example package versi...
2012-08-22 Ian Expand rules for setting package/library...
2012-08-22 Ian Bump to 0.10.1
2012-08-22 Anders Blomdellcomedi_open has file descriptor leak
2012-05-15 Ian Add reminder comment for updating documen...
2012-05-14 Ian Abbottdoc: Add Comedilib version number
2012-05-14 Ian Abbottdemo/tut3.c: memset options to 0 before modifying
2012-05-14 Ian Abbottdemo/tut3: Removed a couple of unused variables.
2012-05-14 Ian Abbottdemo/pwm: Removed an unused variable.
2012-05-14 Ian Abbottdemo/pwm: Bug fix - should have called comedi_close()
2012-05-14 Ian Abbottdemo/choose_clock: Fix a printf.
2012-05-14 Ian Abbottcomedi_board_info: Moved man page into ../man
2012-05-14 Ian Abbottdoc/drivers.txt: Minor correction for USB-DUX-FAST.
2012-05-13 Bernd PorrUpdated the drivers.txt
2012-05-13 Bernd PorrChanged my e-mail address to the linux-usb-daq one...
2012-05-11 Ian Abbottdoc/funcref: Fix "Returns:" for comedi_to_physical.
2012-05-11 Ian Abbottdoc/funcref: Add links between comedi_to_phys and comed...
2012-05-11 Ian Abbottdoc/funcref: Moved in comedi_set_global_oor_behavior
2012-05-11 Bernd PorrMoved comedi_to_phys and comedi_from_phys back to the...
2012-05-10 Ian Abbottdoc/comedilib_html_config.xsl: Use numbered sections.
2012-05-10 Ian Abbottdoc/intro.xml: Replace a link to figure 1 with an xref.
2012-05-10 Ian Abbottdemo/python/ Fix buffer wraparound bug.
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml: Add extra details about range and aref.
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml: Small DocBook mark-up fix.
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/comedilib_dblatex_config.xsl: Set function.parens...
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/comedilib_html_config.xsl: Set function.parens...
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/reference.xml: Added CR_PACK_FLAGS()
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/glossary.xml: A few DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/driverwriting.xml: Various changes.
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/extensions_funcref.txt: Some DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/error_funcref.txt: Some DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-09 Ian Abbottdoc/dio_funcref.txt: Some DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/deprecated_funcref.txt: Some DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/calibration_funcref.txt: Some DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/command_funcref.txt: Some DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/funcref: Some DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/install.xml: Fixed a link.
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/reference.xml: Minor change.
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml: More DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/comedilib.ent: Got rid of a couple of redundant...
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/install.xml: A few DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-08 Ian Abbottdoc/tutorial.xml: A few DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-04 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml, reference.xml: Slowly varying inputs...
2012-05-04 Ian Abbottdoc/reference.xml: Improve description of comedi_insnli...
2012-05-04 Ian Abbottdoc/reference.xml: Removed some comedilib internals.
2012-05-04 Ian Abbottdoc/reference.xml: More DocBook mark-up changes.
2012-05-04 Ian Abbottdoc: Use a stylesheet for dblatex
2012-05-03 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml: Moved a few tags around and minor changes.
2012-05-03 Ian AbbottMerge branch 'master' of git://
2012-05-03 Bernd PorrRemoved a para from the section about proc which mentio...
2012-05-03 Bernd PorrJust spotted that the documentation also talks about...
2012-05-03 Bernd PorrAdded a couple of sentences about async acquisition...
2012-05-03 Bernd PorrChanged some of the descriptions for the SDF flags...
2012-05-02 Bernd PorrJust what I said in the git log is now also actually...
2012-05-02 Bernd PorrAdded comedi_board_info which has been inspired by...
2012-05-02 Bernd PorrAdded info that '-n' is used to select the waveform.
2012-05-02 Bernd PorrMerge branch 'master' of ssh://
2012-05-02 Bernd PorrCreated a PWM demo using the newly introduced defines to
2012-05-02 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml: More fiddling about.
2012-05-02 Ian Abbottdoc/comedilib.xml: Add myself (Ian Abbott) to list...
2012-05-02 Ian Abbottdoc/tutorial.xml: Fix a broken link.
2012-05-02 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml: Use comedi_dio_bitfield2 instead of...
2012-05-01 Bernd PorrI've added a bit more "meat" to the asynchronous acquis...
2012-05-01 Ian Abbottconfigure: Avoid PDF generation by default if don't...
2012-05-01 Ian Abbottdoc/funcref: Added missing comedi_data_read_n
2012-05-01 Ian Abbottdoc: Use ansi style funcsynopsis for html output.
2012-05-01 Ian Abbottdoc/mkref: Add some refmiscinfo for man pages
2012-05-01 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml: Some DocBook markup changes.
2012-05-01 Ian Abbottdoc: A few whitespace tweaks in program listings
2012-05-01 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml: Replaced simplelists
2012-04-27 Bernd PorrI've updated the manual in the section configuration and
2012-04-26 Bernd PorrRemoved old hotplug install which is no longer used...
2012-04-25 Ian Abbottdoc/other.xml: Make table of configuration instructions...
2012-04-25 Ian Abbottconfigure: Allow choice of backend for PDF generation.
2012-04-23 Ian Abbottdoc/drivers.txt: Rebuilt from comedi
2012-04-23 Ian Abbottdoc/ Create directory for pdf output
2012-04-23 Ian Abbottetc/hotplug/usbduxsigma: Remove Makefile and Makefile...
2012-04-23 Bernd PorrUpdated usbdux firmware files. The udev hotplug mechanism