2013-04-29 Ian Abbottm4/as-linux.m4: don't use backported pcmcia_loop_tuple() master
2013-04-29 Ian Abbotts526: backwards compatible change for INSN_CONFIG_GPCT_...
2013-04-29 Ian Abbotts526: remove data[] from s526_gpct_config_t
2013-04-09 Ian Abbottrti800: fix straight-binary/2's-complement option for...
2013-03-22 Ian Abbotts626: fix continuous acquisition
2013-03-21 Ian Abbottcomedi/comedi_fops.c: Check length of INSN_CONFIG_DIGIT...
2013-03-21 Ian Abbottinclude/linux/comedi.h: declare enum comedi_digital_trig_op
2013-03-21 Ian Abbottinclude/linux/comedi.h: unindent by one tab
2013-03-14 Ian AbbottAUTHORS: Add Florent Boudet
2013-03-14 Florent Boudetni_660x.c: PCI ids for NI PXI 6624 board
2013-03-05 Ian Abbottdt9812: use CR_CHAN() for channel number
2013-02-22 Ian Abbottusbdux*: fix DMA buffers on stack
2013-02-21 Ian Abbottas-linux.m4: update AS_LINUX_OVERRIDE_KERNEL_RELEASE()
2013-02-11 Ian AbbottAdd linux/init.h compatibility header.
2013-02-04 Ian Abbottcomedi_fops: check s->async for read(), write() and...
2013-02-01 Ian Abbottcomedi_test: fix race when cancelling command
2013-01-22 Ian Abbottni_labpc: correct differential channel sequence for...
2013-01-22 Ian Abbottni_labpc: set up command4 register *after* command3...
2013-01-21 Ian Abbottm4/as-linux.m4: Add extra quoting in AS_CHECK_REDHAT_PR...
2013-01-15 Ian Abbottdt9812: replace err() calls
2013-01-14 Ian Abbottni_tiocmd: Add missing 'break' in ni_tio_input_cmd().
2013-01-02 Ian Abbottni_pcimio: fix minimum AO period for NI 625x and NI...
2012-10-04 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: fix subdevice type for 'timer' subdevice
2012-10-03 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: fix typo in driver comment
2012-09-28 Ian AbbottFix memory leak for saved channel list
2012-09-28 Ian Abbotts526: don't dereference insn->data
2012-09-28 Ian Abbotts626: don't dereference insn->data
2012-09-28 Ian Abbottjr3_pci: fix iomem dereference
2012-09-18 Ian Abbottcomedi_fops: fix user-memory dereference for INSN_INTTRIG
2012-08-31 Ian Abbottdas08: Correct AO output for das08jr-16-ao
2012-08-31 Ian Abbottdas08: Fix wrong AI encoding for das08jr-16-ao.
2012-08-24 Anders Blomdellserial2002: Set range for digital inputs and outputs...
2012-07-03 Ian Abbotts626: DIO subdevice 2 should have 16 channels.
2012-07-02 Ian Abbottni_670x: Fix possible invalid pointer dereference in...
2012-06-26 Ian Abbottdkms.conf: Fixed bug in last commit ${kernel_src_dir}
2012-06-26 Ian Abbottdkms.conf: Try harder when looking for ds.h
2012-06-26 Ian Abbottdkms.conf: ${kernel_version} should be ${kernelver}
2012-06-26 Ian AbbottAdd usbduxsigma to dkms.conf
2012-06-08 Ian Abbottamplc_pci230: Fix dangling spin-lock
2012-06-06 Ian Abbottni_mio_common: ni_release_gpct_mite_channel only used...
2012-06-06 Ian Abbottni_mio_common: Made a couple of functions static.
2012-06-06 Ian Abbottni_labpc: Release spin-lock in labpc_ai_cmd returns...
2012-05-31 Ian Abbottinclude/linux/firmware.h: Check for FW_ACTION_HOTPLUG.
2012-05-31 Ian AbbottDeal with Red Hat backporting request_firmware_nowait...
2012-05-31 Ian Abbottinclude/linux/firmware.h: Define COMEDI_RELEASE_FIRMWAR...
2012-05-29 Ian Abbottamplc_pc263: Change DIO subdevice to DO.
2012-05-29 Ian Abbottamplc_pc263: Correct initial state
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottcomedi.h: Add clock sources for Amplicon timer subdevice.
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Implement timer subdevice for new PCIe...
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Add 32-bit register access functions.
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Change description of counter interrupt...
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Allow extra clock and gate sources for...
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Enable enhanced features of PCIe boards.
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Allow generation of PCIe interrupts.
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Support PCIe215, PCIe236 and PCIe296.
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Use register size in board stucture.
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Add PCI BAR information to board structure.
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Support memory-mapped I/O for PCI devices
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Use custom register access functions
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Add inline functions to access 8254 counter
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Internalize 8255 DIO subdevice implementation
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Use offsets from base address in subdevice
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Eliminate 'has_int_sce' from 'dio200_subd...
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Eliminate 'has_clk_gat_sce' from 'dio200_...
2012-05-28 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Pass device and subdevice to clock/gate...
2012-05-14 Ian Abbottusbduxfast: Changed model name on Devices line for...
2012-05-13 Bernd PorrA colon in the description confused one of the scripts...
2012-05-13 Bernd PorrChanged the headers of usbdux, usbduxfast and usbduxsigma
2012-05-11 Ian Abbottusbdux, usbduxfast, usbduxsigma: Drop the '.o' in modul...
2012-04-26 Ian AbbottHardware_Driver.HOWTO: Change submission instructions.
2012-04-23 Ian Abbottusbduxsigma: Change 'status:' to 'Status:' in driver...
2012-04-16 W. Trevor Kingcomedi.h: COMEDI_CB_EOA is also used to report end...
2012-04-02 Ian AbbottReplace <asm/system.h> with <asm/barrier.h>
2012-03-23 Ian Abbottpcl818: Fix write instruction for AO subdevice
2012-03-08 Ian AbbottUpdate symbolic links to sources during make.
2012-02-20 Ian AbbottUse 'bool' type for 'bool' module parameters, if supported.
2012-01-19 Ian AbbottTag user memory pointers with __user.
2012-01-19 Ian Abbottlinux/compiler.h: Define __user and __iomem if missing.
2012-01-17 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: Fix harmless typo in 8254 subdevice cleanup
2012-01-17 Ian Abbottdt9812: Fix logical || vs bitwise |.
2012-01-13 Ian AbbottRevert "Check integer overflow in do_cmd_ioctl() and...
2012-01-09 Ian Abbottme4000: Correct previous change to INSN_CONFIG.
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottme_daq: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottadv_pci_dio: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottni_at_ao: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottusbdux: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottdas1800: don't access *data when insn->bits == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottamplc_dio200: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottcb_pcidas64: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottquatech_daqp_cs: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottadl_pci8164: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottni_mio_common: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottaddi_common: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottme4000: check for unsupported INSN_CONFIG
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottdt2801: do INSN_CONFIG properly for DIO subdevice
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottdt2801: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottni_labpc: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottdt282x: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottcb_pcidda: don't access *data when insn->n == 0
2011-12-15 Ian Abbottdas08: don't access *data when insn->n == 0