calib_save_analysis() now uses string_errors() to format output.
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2009-01-03 W. Trevor Kingcalib_save_analysis() now uses string_errors() to forma...
2008-12-21 W. Trevor KingAdd lines to analyze.calib_plot().
2008-12-21 W. Trevor KingApply some fixes to get calibrations working and bump... 0.3
2008-12-21 W. Trevor should now work.
2008-11-26 W. Trevor KingFixed non-interactive pylab plotting setup in
2008-11-17 W. Trevor Kingcreated & fixed bug 3faa92db-cb93-4e14-a8ec-32ab4eedf83b
2008-11-11 W. Trevor KingBegan versioning. 0.2