descriptionaubio is a library to detect events in audio signals.
last changeThu, 18 Apr 2013 14:35:04 +0000 (10:35 -0400)
2013-04-18 W. Trevor Kingwscript: With --enable-$x, the existence of $x should... enable-disable
2013-04-18 W. Trevor Kingwscript: Consolidate fftw3 and fftw3f options
2013-04-18 W. Trevor Kingwscript: Add --disable-$x inverses of the --enable...
2013-04-14 Paul Brossiersrc/tempo/tempo.c: always set last_beat develop
2013-04-11 Paul Brossiersrc/spectral/fft.c: add vDSP Accelerate
2013-04-10 Paul Brossierpython/tests/eval_pitch: add evaluation script against...
2013-04-10 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitch.{c,h}: add silence gate, default at...
2013-04-10 Paul Brossierpython/tests/ add array_from_yaml_file
2013-04-10 Paul Brossierexamples/aubioonset.c: rename get_last_onset to get_last
2013-04-09 Paul Brossiersrc/pitch/pitchyinfft.c: adapt filter and shortest...
2013-04-09 Paul Brossiersrc/tempo/tempo.c: add get_last functions
2013-04-09 Paul Brossiersrc/onset/: rename get_last_onset to get_last
2013-04-09 Paul Brossierpython/scripts/aubiocut: add slicing
2013-04-08 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: write 0 to all channels in...
2013-04-08 Paul Brossiersrc/io/source_sndfile.c: fix copy of last channel
2013-04-08 Paul Brossierexamples/aubiomfcc.c: simplify process_print
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